Refill Requests

*Refills are provided during appointments only.
*NOTE: In many cases you may already have refills available, so please double check with your pharmacy before contacting the office for refills.

*Refills will no longer be issued by fax request. At your appointment you will be given enough medications and refills to last until your next appointment.
*Refills WILL NOT be provided for any patient dropping into the office without the expressed prior consent of the office staff or Dr. Adebowale. Patients are responsible for making sure they safeguard their medication and attend all scheduled appointments to avoid disruption in their medication regimen. Additionally, patients will need to discuss any discrepancies/issues that arise from pharmacy error with their pharmacy directly. Our office WILL NOT CORRECT any pharmacy errors, so we STRONGLY suggest that you select a pharmacy that is reliable and dependable.

*Please allow up to 3 business days for all refill requests.

*Treatment or refills of medications for any patient with a balance due is at the sole discretion of Dr. Adebowale.