In order for me to provide the best care possible, I want my patients to have as much pertinent information as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about the healthcare or business practices of this office, please feel free to discuss them with me.


Services you receive in this office are confidential, except in the circumstances listed below:

  • Threats of harm to self or others
  • Abuse of a child, vulnerable adult, or developmentally disabled person
  • A court order to release information
  • Subpoena of treatment records by an attorney. If you do not want this information released, you must obtain a protective order from the court within fourteen (14) days.
  • If you will be applying your health insurance benefits, we may be required to provide information to your health plan, including some or all of your record of treatment, in order for your carrier to pay for services. By signing the Acknowledgement of Receipt of Office Polices and Procedures form you consent to release of that information to your health plan. Psychotherapy notes are handled separately under HIPAA and have additional protections.
  • If you are party to child custody litigation at any time in the future, the court may order release of information about your treatment in this office.
  • In some instances, as provided by the state law of Texas, information about your healthcare may be exchanged with other healthcare professionals involved in your treatment.

In circumstances other than these, I will not release information about your treatment without your authorization.


Messages left on voicemail are retrieved regularly and calls are returned as soon as possible. If you need more rapid attention for your own or someone else’s safety, do not delay while waiting for me to return your telephone call. Please call 9-1-1 or report to the nearest hospital emergency room.


An electronic record (file) is kept of services you receive in this office. You have a right to see the record and receive a copy of it upon request. You may ask that factual errors in the record be corrected. You may authorize in writing that copies of the record be released to entities you designate, at your expense, according to charges stipulated by the state law of Texas. Under certain circumstances where seeing the record may put a patient or other person at risk, the clinic may redact certain information in the record and/or require that you review the record in consultation with another healthcare provider. You may receive an accounting of non-routine uses and disclosures of your record. Additionally, Integrated Minds may utilize Telepsychiatry service to conduct your face-face visits. This may be in video chatting /conferencing, text messaging and e-mailing. The session may be recorded.

For More Details Download Notice of Office Policies & Procedures